About the Early Night Club

The Early Night Club started almost seven years ago by marketing consultant Alex Ruczaj, designer Nick Welsh and entrepreneur Vicky Fenton – three friends and work colleagues who had a mutual interest in having a good time.

Nowhere was giving us the night out that we wanted, but we still wanted to dance, so we decided to create our own night and we couldn’t have hoped for a better response.

Our first event was plagued by a freak snow storm, stopping traffic and trains, but it was a fantastic night with a crammed dance floor, full of happy people who had not been out clubbing in years. We soon found the wonderful La Raza and have worked together with the venue to make this night a local institution.

People love it. They talk about it like it’s therapy. The combination of the friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere, great music and people make it a special place to be, where everyone can let their hair down and truly relax.

We may be a bit biased but it’s a total success and watching everyone hit the dance floor it really seems that the older you get the more fun you have (maybe because we don’t get out much).

If you’re still not sure whether to come along, here are 10 good reasons why you should buy a ticket:

1. You can party hard but be in bed by midnight
You will be in a club but not feel old
We play music that you have heard of and want to dance to – Michael Jackson, The Killers, Stone Roses, Scissor Sisters & Kylie. The list is endless
It’s like Zumba but with cocktails
5. Have a great time whilst raising money for amazing charities like EACH and Comic Relief (50% of our profits go directly to charity)
6. You won’t have a hangover – great cocktails + great tapas + dancing it off = no worries getting up for work the next day or doing the school run. (Disclaimer: Tickets cannot be refunded if hangovers do occur)
7. You don’t get leery men, a barely-there dress code or puke in the toilets
8. It’s good for you – dancing is great for your heart, can lift your mood, lower tension and aid relaxation (The Guardian – August 2011)
9. This is a club night, designed for you by people like you
10. All your friends already have their tickets. No, really!